What Is Meant By Dualcore Processor?


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A dual core processor is essentially a processor with two cores. It is basically a central processing unit (CPU) that has two different cores. Each of the machines has its own cache. The fact of having duel core processors enables it to function of two separate microprocessors inside a single machine. The fact of having two cores makes the job of taking care of multiple incoming data strings easier and smoother. The two cores take care of multiple strings simultaneously, thereby increasing the speed and efficiency of the machine. As is immediately obvious it holds an inherent edge over the single core processors. However, a dual-core processor is not the same as a multi-processor system. In a dual-core processor, the two cores reside on a single chip. Besides, they share the resources on the single chip. Unlike this, a multi-processor system actually has two separate CPUs itself, with each of these having their own unique resources. This is what makes the process of data analysis and transfer faster.

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