What Is The Latest Processor In The Market?


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There are a number of new processors on the market, and these are also often referred to as microprocessors. Some of the latest processors on the market are:

• Intel Core i7

This processor, the latest from Intel, is already the bestselling processor of 2011, and has 4-core processing power. The processor also includes the Intel technology known as hyper-threading. This enables the processor to operate as 8 cores if needed. The processor is an unlocked processor, which enables it to be adjusted by the user if necessary. The price is reasonable at around $320.

• AMD Phenom II X6 Processor

This processor is available for under $200, and is classed as a high performance processor, enabling 6 cores if needed, for a mid-range price. AMD are shortly releasing the Bulldozer onto the market, and this processor will be compatible with older motherboards.

• Intel Centrino

The popularity of this processor is primarily because of the effectiveness they show when being used on wireless networks. The Centrino allows for administrator access and was introduced for use on laptops. This fact that access is available means that the processor has become very popular in business markets, especially with companies who use a computer network.

The most popular microprocessors are those made by Intel, although AMD is also a very popular brand and their popularity is increasing constantly.

Microprocessors are vital when it comes to running computer systems. A microprocessor relies on binary data to perform and they also enable the central operating system of a computer to perform correctly. The microprocessor contains a large amount of memory to ensure solid performance of the computers they are used in.

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