What Is The Latest Processor By Intel?


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Now latest processor is  intel i7
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Latest processor introduced by intel quad core but today mainly used  processor
1) core 2 duo
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Intel Latest Processor is 'Intel® Atom™ Processor'. Silverthorne and Diamondville chips will be called Atom, and the company's Menlow processor for ultramobile computers will be renamed Centrino Atom. The other featured processors of Intel are as follows;

* Intel® Core™2 Duo
* Intel® Core™2 Extreme
* Intel® Core™2 Quad
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Intel® Core™ i7
Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme
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It is pentium m processor
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Intel's latest processor is i7 4th Generation. It is also named Haswell.

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Core i7 is the latest processor offered by Intel with up-to 6-8MB of L2 cache, really fast
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Intel core i7 is latest and xenon is latest processor for servers. Its performance is well but xenon is too cost. But it well suited for business

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