In What Year Was The Intel Pentium III Processor Introduced?


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Intel Pentium III processors were very similar to the Pentium II processors. It was officially introduced on February 26 in the year 1999. The CPU speed of Pentium III is from 450 MHz to 1.4GHz whereas the FSB speed is 100 MHz to 133 MHz. As time passed by Pentium iii was taken over by Pentium 4. Pentium 3 was microprocessors of architecture created by Intel and it is made up of 9.5 million transistors.

Pentium 4 was later on introduced as Pentium M. Pentium 3 chips were also used in mobile phones and it was globally known as PIII-M.This chip was introduced in 2003.The electricity usage of this chip differs from 5 watts to 27 watts. Pentium M was manufactured on a larger scale because of its low power consumption. Intel took keen interest in marketing of Pentium III as a mobile product because of its embedded system. Pentium III was a grade above to processors like Pentium 2 which had two different versions. The higher end version was called as Xeon and the lower end version was called as Celeron. Pentium III had several different cores which had their own core specifications like 1.1 Katmai, 1.2 copper mine, 1.3 was copper mine-T, 1.4 was Tualatin.

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