What Is The Difference Between Intel Celeron And Intel Pentium?


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Intel is a well known company for making microprocessors. They have made many microprocessors starting from 386 and 486 microprocessors, and gradually with the passage of time, they upgrade their technology.
The Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium are the model of processors, and both are made by the Intel company.

Initially, Intel's company names their microprocessors with model numbers. But later on they thought that, it is difficult to publish the model numbers. So Intel's company decided to name the each different microprocessor.

So after that, there came the series of processors, which is named as Pentium processor and the Celeron. Both of these were published by the Intel's company.
The Intel Celeron was made for the low budget computers. It was initially came I 1998. Its full architecture was the same as Pentium 2 processors. The Celeron can run the MMX technology. In 2002, Celeron chips have 1.3 GHz speed.

While the Intel Pentium are the high speed processors. It was first come in 1993 into the market. The speed of the Pentium computers is much better then Celeron. Initially the 60 MHz speed, then in 1994 the speed increased up to 100 MHz, in 1995 it move to 120 MHz, in 1996 it reach up to 160 MHz. after that it reach to 200 MHz. Company is continuously upgrading the speed.

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