I Cannot Install My Antivirus On My Pc. When I Tried, An Error Occurred, Install Shield Encounter A Problem And Need To Close. If I Close, Then The Pc Restarted.


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You should reinstall your Windows and your Antivirus software.
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Well you should uninstall your current antivirus program in your computer then restart your computer and then try to install the antivirus again. And if the problem persists then you should install some other antivirus software. I'll recommend kespersky.
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This suite is especially designed to block the entrance of the various spiteful software such as spyware, rootkit, Trojans, bots etc. It specially designed tool also prevents the hackers to breach your PC and secures your confidential data. Panda is provided with strong Firewall feature which covers the system with multiple layered protecting shields.

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If you have any  issue regarding antivirus  you can visit

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Get a exe. On a flash drive and start it from there, I mean an antivirus.exe on your usb drive, that should work~!
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This kind of problem occurs when some virus hit your computer or when some viruses are transferred to your hard disk so when you try to install any anti virus it does not allow you to do so. There are some ways to get rid of that. First of all, you just download some registry mechanics and then scan your system it will find the files which is changed by that specific virus.

Registry mechanic will remove the infected file and replace it with the original file so after that, you will be able to install anti virus very easily so you do all you can for getting rid of that virus. If it does not work then you have the last option you can try is that you just format your whole hard disk and repartition it. It will erase all viruses from it and then reinstall windows on it and then you can install anti virus on it. That is the last option you have got for installing the anti virus. So you can remove your virus from your hard disk first then you will be able to install of the anti virus so these are the various options you have got. I think this will solve your problem.

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