How Do You Reset My Sprint Passcode?


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The answer to this question depends on which passcode you are looking for. If you want to retrieve your voicemails online or log into your account on your computer, going to the My Sprint landing page is the best place to start. The link can be found at Here, you’ll be prompted for your username and password.

If you can’t remember what your password is, clicking the ‘Forgot your password?’ link under the ‘Sign in’ button will link you to a new page where retrieval will be possible. To begin with, just type in your username and a message will be sent to the email account that you used when registering. For security reasons, the email you receive won’t include your old password or an old one for you to use. Instead, you’ll be given a website link that you need to click on in the email, sending you back to the My Sprint page where your password will be reset completely.

There are many advantages to registering as a user of My Sprint. Firstly, individuals and businesses with a number of phone lines can keep a beady eye on how many minutes and SMS messages are using what. If you have a set budget for telecommunications, you can then notify employees who may be using their cell phones to excess, preventing any nasty surprises when the bill comes through the post. Should your firm be growing and require a new telephone line, or for questions answered by the Sprint community, this remains an excellent website to visit for further assistance.
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It is very easy to reset a Sprint pass code. This job can be done within minutes and is completely hassle free.

Now there are three ways to reset your sprint pass code. The first one is by using your phone. First press and hold the envelope key to launch your voice mail. Then press 3 for personal options followed by 2 for administrative options and finally 4 for changing pass code.

Your next option is to use the website. Once on the website click on 'My PCS' on the left menu select personal information. Then in the password section select voicemail pass code and then click 'modify'. Finally enter your new pass code.

Your final option is to press '*2' on your Sprint PCS phone and your new pass code will be sent to you within twenty four hours.

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