What Are The Different Kinds Of Computers?


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Computers are divided into two different Categories I-e according to size and according to logic. According to logic computers are divided into three types Analog , Digital and Hybird . According to size computers are divided into four types
(1) Super (2) Mainframe (3) Mini and (4) Micro
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Kind of computer
what is the computer
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Various categories of computers
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The form factors of a computer are determined by the motherboard, AT is the oldest, BABY AT, ATX, BTX.
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The computer has been the most important invention that has helped revolutionize our lives drastically. So much so that life becomes difficult without the computer in many instances.

The invention of the personal computer (PC) changed the entire face of the computer industry, and gradually enabled the transition of computers being large, unwieldy, highly expensive and complex machines to smaller machines that individuals could work on. With the arrival of the PC, the stage was set for the computer to enter our individual lives. With the passage of time, the PCs have become smaller and more powerful.

There are different types of computers available nowadays, from large complex machines that can perform unthinkable amounts of tasks to smaller machines that individuals can use. The different types of computers include mainframes, workstations, towers, desk tops, hand held pesonal computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablet PCs, and laptops.

On top of all of this is the super computer. The list of computers would not be complete without the super computer, which is used for highly complex and large calculations, such as those involved in weather forecasts, engineering design and testing, decryption,etc.

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