How Many Types Of Computer In The World?


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It would be very difficult to give a specific number to the amount of different types of computer worldwide as there are so many. To be able to number each model of computer that has been manufactured would not really be feasible.
  • Computer manufacturers
Perhaps it would be more useful to speak in terms of computer manufacturer. Computer manufacturers are responsible for producing the system, look and components of a computer before selling it. There are several very well known manufacturers whose products are highly sought after; these companies include Apple, whose Mac products are amongst the best selling computers in the world. Other well known computer manufacturers across the world include such companies as Acer, Dell, Sony and Toshiba.

For a more complete list of computer manufacturers (from bigger companies to small independent computer manufacturers) see the link here:

As you can see from the extensive list, there are many manufacturers that make different types of computer. If we were to say that each manufacturer on the list made a minimum of 10 different types of computer in the last 20 years then this would already equate to over 1,300 different types of computer.
  • Computer uses
Perhaps another way to look at this question would be to look at the different functions of computers. Desktop and laptop computers only make up a small percentage of worldwide computers in terms of functions. For example, there are also more non commercial computers that are used in factories to make and manufacture products.

Computers are used to guide missiles, help fly planes and host websites. There are computers that are used in cash machines to give money and others still in smart phones. In this way, it is hard to put a definition or cap on what a computer is, and therefore impossible to calculate.
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Computer is an electronic device which can data fromthe user,user process it and provide required result
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