How Do Reset Tmobile My Touch?


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The easiest way for you to reset your T-Mobile My Touch is for you to follow the instructions that you will find on the phone website. Here there will be clear step by step motions for you to follow to ensure the success of resetting the software. However, we are not all phone wizards, and therefore may not be able to do the software resetting you. If this is the case you can always go into the store that you purchased the phone from and have a member of staff advise you further on what you should do, or have them do it in store for you.

Either way you can be sure that you will get the outcome that you want, and that you are not going to be disappointed when it comes to the software resetting. No matter what you want to do the software resetting for, you can be sure that you are going to succeed in getting it done and having the phone new and ready to use immediately.

You will not have to struggle to do the reset if you are not familiar with the software, so now is the time to take advantage of the ability to have it done on store for you by a friendly member of staff who can talk you through what they are doing so you will be able to know for future reference.

There is no need for you to worry about not being able to do the software resetting yourself, you can always have the help that you need if you do no understand the instructions and directions on the internet that are created by the phone company. You can use all of the information to your advantage and ensure that you succeed in the software resetting that’s required.
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How do I reset my mytouch when I forgot my password to my gmail? I need it to get in but I forgot to write it down so I need to reset it! HELP!
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I forgot my google username and my password how do ii unlock it or restart my cell phone.???
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All you have to do is hold home
an end butt into you see a phone an a triangle an press   home+end butt again then press wipe data an then rebot system
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I was using my touch 3g with someone else's gmail account on it but without it's password. I just got the phone yesterday and I didn't enter my google account.
I pressed I forgot drawing when I tried to unlock the screen. Now it is asking me a username and a password whose phone I just bought.
Could you tell me what to do?
I was using an iphone before this phone, I mean I don't know anything about this one.
Thank you
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K well I went 2 a tmobile store 2 find out how do I get back on my phone...cause my bro tried 2 figure out my password when I was asleep n it asked him 4 my username and password...nothing I put in worked it everthing was I had 2 reboot my entire phone in lost all my their a way I can get them back cuhz now I can't download ne thing on my phone..
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For a minute I was actually going to drop my cellphone in water and let it air dry lol!
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My phone DOES NOT HAVE A RESET FACTORY SETTINGS BUTTON!!!! What do I do. ALL is says is :
Total space
available space
mount SD card
Format SD card
Available space
It doesnt say restore factory settings
-emily anne
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You mean factory reset or just hard reboot?

If you are trying to do this just because of some problem, try taking the battery out and putting it back in about 10 secs. In this way you will not loose your data or any installed apps.

If you are looking to start over again and wipe all data and apps then you need to do factory reset. For that follow these steps

Menu button> Settings > SD Card and Phone Storage> Factory data reset> Reset Phone.

Good Luck !!!
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I i did that and now my phone doesn't turn on... And when i take the SIM card out thenn my phone turns on.

When i went to RESET PHONE it said that it wouldn't mess with the SIM card.
Now what do i do??

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