What Is The Password For 2WIRE389 On My Ipod Touch?


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Just about every gadget in use today requires a password, which is understandable considering the risk of data and identity theft every user is exposed to. As it is neither wise nor always possible to use the same password for each gadget, it is increasingly difficult to remember all of them all the time. Keeping a list of important passwords in a safe place is so simple and can avoid so much grief; the failure by so many to do this never ceases to be a source of utter amazement. This is, of course, just one of many opinions on the matter. Nevertheless, it is worth considering.

As it is, the iPod touch can only be unlocked by either entering the correct password or restoring it. If the password can not be remembered, the iPod touch has to be restored with the computer it was last synced with. This will make it possible to reset the password and either resync the data or restore it from a back-up. Restoring the device from a different computer, which has not been synced with it, will unlock the device, but any data will be lost.

The following steps should be followed in order to restore the device:

  • Ensure the latest version of iTunes is installed and running
  • Connect the iPod Touch to the computer
  • In iTunes, select iPod Touch from the list of devices
  • Select 'Summary'
  • Select 'Restore'
  • When prompted, select 'Back up'
  • After completion of back-up, select 'Restore' when prompted
When the restore process is finished, the device will restart and display the Apple logo. If restoring from a back up if not required, 'Set up as new' can now be selected. More detailed information about the whole process may be found on the Apple support page or the iPod Touch User Guide.

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