How Do I Email A Sprint Customer?


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The Sprint Nextel Corporation is one of the biggest telecommunications organisations in the world. It has a total of 53.7 million people as its subscribers and it handles the third biggest wireless telecommunications network in the United States of America, after Cingular Wireless and Verizon Wireless. It is also a universal Tier 1 Internet carrier and constitutes a large part of the foundation of the Internet.

The official head office of Sprint Nextel is situated in Reston, Virginia and the operating and industrial head office is located in Overland Park in Kansas. Sprint is accepted as the shorter version by company employees as well as by customers. One can get in touch with the company by visiting the site - ( or calling 1-800-SPRINT.
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I need to know the email number on my daughters cell phone so I can send pictures she doesn't know it at all.

Her number is 916-284-3859 Autumn Brown. Hernandez in Sacramento.

My cell number is 209-304-3101 (AT&T)

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