Can You Give Me An Example Of A Business Email?


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Dear sirs,

Kindly refered an attachment as per visit to Alor Gajah Office.
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There is not much difference between a general e-mail and business e-mail except formal. In general e-mail or writing an e-mail to a friend might not need some formalities to follow but for a business e-mail that must have to formal and shows seriousness and specific interims of question to ask or replied. Now, I would like to compare a business e-mail with formal business letter writing.

Basically, in business environment only formal letters were used delivered in the shape of fax or mail. Now in this era because of time span involved and cost effectiveness and making it possible that right person receives that information business e-mail is in place. In business e-mail, you must have to mentioned the date, subject, body of the e-mail, references and sender information and designation.

Date: ______


Subject: ______

Dear Sir,

Reference to your ______ dated ______ regarding ____, I would like to intimate that ______

Thanks and best regards,

Sender information
Sender Designation
Company Name
Contact number

PS: This is a computer generated message and thus bears no signatures.

Now above e-mail message is more likely like a formal business letter and same rules are applicable for a business e-mail.
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Apologizing mail regarding allowing to my team member to claim more expenses than witch they have spend
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Dear ser
I am writting this email to tell you about the situation which desable me to be attendeng in the ssion

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