How Do I Email Pictures To Cell Phones?


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First you need to know the service provider then you rape your phone
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Richard Lam answered
You meant on your e-mail to e-mail a picture to a cell-phone number, in your e-mail just type in the person's number
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Yooti Bhansali answered
The ability to send pictures as emails to one's cell phones depends on two things – if your service provider supports such a facility, and if such a facility is included in your service plan. If you have the facility, follow the given instructions:

Upload the pictures on to a computer, and then modify the size of the picture to whichever size that will be allowed by the phone. Find out your address, for some providers it is simply the phone number with the service provider name, like [email protected] Send the email with the attached photos to the address. You may or may not be paying for receiving the snap, depending on your plan. It would be advisable to check beforehand of about the expenses that you may incur.

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