How do I put pictures on Google?


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As Google is a search engine, rather than a storage facility, it is not possible to upload photos or images of any kind directly to Google images. The images shown here have been found by the search engine and actually exist on a multitude of individual websites.

  • How to get Images onto Google
Images and photos have to be placed onto a website in order for Google to find them. They should have some descriptive text, which will make it easier for Google to detect them, as searches are keyword related. The best way to get images noticed and included in search results is to fill in a so-called ALT image tag. Care should be taken to include keywords, but to write normally and not to stuff the text with keywords. Stuffing any text with keywords is considered to be bad practice and will hinder, rather than help anyone.

  • Websites
Images can be placed onto any personal website. If no personal website exists, there are two options, one of which is to place the photos or images onto an image hosting site, such as Flickr or Picasa, for instance. The other option is to create a website. Google itself provides free website software, and a range of other web hosting companies, many of which offer limited free hosting, can be found at WebHostingGeeks.

  • Is it Difficult to Set Up a Website?
Setting up a website is not as difficult as it sounds, and most of the software needed, including necessary image galleries or blog software, is provided by the hosting companies. Procedures are usually quite well explained and more often than not, all it takes to get going is to click a few buttons, then adding one's content. New websites can then be submitted to Google via this link.
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Google detect pics from different different platforms like facebook, twitter, linked, picasa, flickr and other social networking sites. 

All you need to do is just create a profile on social networking sites and google will detect your photos automatically.

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