Is anyone out there? Haven't seen a blog in 3 months! We miss knowing what's up. Where you at Shujing?


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Shujing resigned from the blurtit team one or two months ago so that's the reason she hasn't been around for a while. Alex Nelson is the main blurtit administrator now. Also there is a new blog up today. :)
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Hi Lynn Dwyer gee of course ther's plenty out there, what type of questions are you asking, so we can keep in touch with you, we miss you too and so pleased to get this Burtit in - tell me something that's really gripping you, something you want a valued and alternative opinion on - We are Blurtit-ing it and well who is Shujung you to speak out. Great....look forward to your questions. And, hey, how's it today for you, what's your city like, does it have an art gallery, what's your favourite song, well.... Keep in touch and I'll look our for you and so will others. Hope Useful.
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Arthur Wright
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Shujing is a member of the Blurtit team, way up on the totem pole who used to show up on here all the time til lately and is the one who resolves most problems on here
catherine adams
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Oh Hey Arthur, didn't know that and thanks v. Much, have a good evening.
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Apologies for the delay, we've been really busy over the last few months, including moving offices, but we understand its really no excuse! On the other hand though, we are really pleased that you do miss us, or at least our blog!

I wrote a post today about our social engagement activities, which you can read here. We're going to be pulling our socks up and aiming to get something out at least once a week.
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We are here but quiet lately. I havent seen Shujing on here in some time so thought she may be on vacation or something happened but the way Blurtit is getting, nothing they do surprises me anymore
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Aless Harley
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I think Shujing resigned about a month ago, I'm not sure why, but that would be why you haven't seen her around recently.

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