What are the best blog sites?


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There are so many websites who gives facility for free blogging like WordPress, Tumblr, Blog.com, Blogger, livejournal and many more.

But the WordPress is best from all of them.

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In this blog post it tells you about some blogging platforms you could use. It gives the good and negative of them. It's called,"What Kind Of Blogging Platform Should I Use?" That's a question that a lot of people like to know after they decide to start blogging.

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shyam kumar , best blog site, answered

Blogspot, wordpress and tumbler is best bloging site

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Vlad Toropov answered

Well, I think, that Wordpress is much better. Recently I have used Blogger, but changed it to Wordpress. It is more convenient and there are a lot of themes that look extremely good.
Btw, if you decided to choose Wordpress, this article on our blog about Wordpress best plugins can be useful for you: Blog.affilight.com/2018/03/15/20-best-wordpress-plugins-ever/

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No best, only relatively better.General pr taller and nets age bigger, flow is bigger, this blog is a good system.
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There are lots and lots of blogs on a varied range of topics. And to define the best, you would need to consider the category or type of blog first. As for example, if you are looking for blogs about internet and technology, Mashable is a great blog. Feministing and The Spearhead are great blogs about relationships and the gender war drama. Gizmodo is a great gadget blog. Autoblog is an awesome auto blog. Instapundint is a great political blog and The Onion is all about funny stuffs. I am a gadget fan and love the internet and news about startups.  Some of my fav blogs are Gizmodo, Mashable, Techcrunch, Huffington Post.
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The website www.technorati.com offers a good introductory insight into the world of blogs. It tracks the popularity of blogs, and even individual blog posts, by counting the number of links to them which appear on other websites. Technorati users can also add blogs to their Favourites list and the website tracks the number of times this has happened for each blog. The website claims to track over 50 million blogs worldwide and lists of the most popular ones, according to the two ranking systems used, appear on the site. Users can also browse blogs by the broad subject area they cover or even by homing in on specific topics.
The Bloggies or, more formally, the Weblog Awards, aspire to be a kind of blog equivalent of the Oscars and, each year, in a ceremony, awards are given to the chosen blogs in various categories. This year's winners can be seen at 2006.bloggies.com

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