Which free blogging site is best: Blogger or Weebly?


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Gavin Etek , I'm using weebly now., answered

I'm using weebly now. I recommend you to use weebly. The free version is OK. Lots of templates to choose and easy to operate. 

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Justin Wilson answered

Both are good but I prefer weebly because of their ranking factor and i have received my fair share of rankings using weebly alone...blogspot bans your blog without giving any further reasons. But, it also ranks well on google serps as it is owned by google.

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John Johnson answered

Blogger is best blogging website

Genuine work Profile
Genuine work , Blogger at, answered

If I talk about the Blogspot or blogger, which is a google's product, I would give it full marks for its simplicity. One more advantage is - its crawl rate is good compared to other blogging platforms.

however, weebly is better in other terms like ranking. Weebly is a great source of high PR dofollow backlinks for your blog or website.

The google can delete your BlogSpot blog anytime. You cannot control it. It happened with some of the friends.

but in the case of Weebly, your blog and backlinks remain safe forever.

I would suggest you to go for weebly, not to blogger. :)

Sharoz Dawa Profile
Sharoz Dawa , None of it, answered

Only Wordpress is best and rest all are not worth

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Lovish Mahey answered


Free blogging platform - WordPress. ( That's what I use and suggest.)

Well Blogspot might seem a bit easier than WordPress but if you want to explore and try out various designs and themes, go for wordpress.

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