Which is the best platform to develop a blog website?


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Bilal Ahmad answered

My vote is for WordPress.

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Yo Kass answered

I've been considering this question for a while, and I think it really comes down to what you want to use your blog for.

For example, Tumblr is visually very cool, you can edit your own html and css pretty easily, but you're limited in terms of structure etc...

However, it has a very "social" feel about it, and is great for hosting all different types of content, not necessarily "article-style" posts like most blog networks encourage.

Wordpress is also a very powerful blogging platform.

If you're into plugins, more complex structure and customization, and your own full-force content management system, then Wordpress could be for you.

Blogger is similar, but perhaps a little more restrictive. The free themes are not that great, but you can play around with your layout and hack the themes using your own html and css.

The thing I like about Blogger is how well connected it is with other Google products like Google+ and Google Adsense.

If your main focus is marketing and monetising your blog, that could be appealing...

Medium is a beautiful blogging platform with a great community vibe. It still feels a little bit exclusive, but the reason is that they are working hard on claiming that niche as their own.

In the same ilk is Svbtle - self-described as a "new kind of magazine" - I can see it growing and growing.

New blogging platforms are cropping up everywhere these days, so there are far too many to mention here - but my original point still stands:

Work out what it is you want to focus on, find out which platform helps you achieve those goals, and go for it! At the end of the day, it's the content that makes a blog shine.

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Harry blossom answered

For developing free blog website many platforms are available:

1. Wordpress

2. Blogger

3. Tumblr

4. Livejournal

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Lesley Haught answered

WordPress is undoubtedly a good CMS for blogs. But in fact there are many more such free platforms for creating blog or website. I wouldn't limit myself with only these.

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Harry James answered

I suggest you to use WordPress, I am using the service from Dollarwp since  one year, it's very good and easy for blog.

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Clyde Ray answered

Here is the real and almost the easy and effective platform to create blogs that is WorPress. Guys you should keep moving on to this platform as it is free, widely used for blogging purpose and also a open source content management system.

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Geoff Hughes answered

Wordpress ftw!!

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Genuine work , Blogger at Myquickidea.com, answered

My vote goes to WordPress as I am using it from last 1 year. It is very easy as a newbie can handle the functions and customize the setting with short training. The plugins make everything easy. If you need to add something in your Wordpress, download related plugin and activate.

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Gary Davis answered

The best blogging platform depends on the needs of the author.

Want something light and easy to post by email?

Tumblr and Posterous make excellent blog by email tools

Want built in community feed subscription and reblogging?

Tumblr and Wordpress.com

Want to host your own full powered blog with the greatest choices of plugins in the world?

Wordpress Self-hosted

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Vlad Toropov answered

Well, I think, that Wordpress is the best. Recently I have used Blogger, but changed it to Wordpress. It is much more convenient and there are a lot of themes that look extremely good.
Btw, if you decided to choose Wordpress, this article on our blog about Wordpress best plugins can be useful for you: Blog.affilight.com/2018/03/15/20-best-wordpress-plugins-ever/

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Mary Martin , Team Leader | Helping others learn web development #Magento #WordPress. Tech + Fashion + Music, answered

I prefer WordPress.

WordPress is open-source, meaning all of its codes are accessible and customizable by anyone willing to do so and it comes with various themes and plugins

I am using one free WordPress theme for blog and it is simple, easy and nice theme for blogging. It is Bloggers Lite WordPress Theme. 

This theme is specially design for bloggers, writers, authors who want to share their ideas with the world. There has so many features are there which make your blogging experience as simple and seamless as possible.

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Md. Yousuf Ali , CEO And SEO Specialist at ranktrends.com, answered

Wordpress is the best platform to develop a blog website.

What is WordPress and How does it work?

Wordpress is a open source content management system free software. As well as It can be defined as the best blogging platform that can help you in creating websites in a simple and easy and effective manner.

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Martin Garret answered

For me the best platform for any kind of websites is WordPress. You'll ask why? Because of how many great WP plugins are out there. You can find a plugin for any specific task and there are some plugins like https://clearfy.pro/ for example, that should be used on any website.

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Faisal Zamir , Blogger, answered

There are many platform on which you can create blog with minutes. It is very easy process to create blog or complete website.

We can use blogger, wordpress, wix weebly etc.

There are many others website also available on the internet, you can join freely to create blog.

But you put question about  best platform.

So according to my opinion if you want to join free platform without purchasing domain and web hosting then blogger is best for you there are many blogger tutorials are available on the internet, YouTube etc.

If you want to purchase domain name and web hosting and want to work permanent then use CMS system which is WordPress.

So, it is my Guide for you,

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