Which platform is good for blogging? Wordpress or are there any others?


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There are a lot of platforms out there that are good for someone looking to start a blog. Each platform has its perks, so here is a list of my favorites, so you can pick which one is best suited for you.

  • Blogger - this site is made and run by Google. The only thing you need to get started is a googlemail account, and it is completely free to use. Its easy to get started and customise each blog you write, but is very tied up with google and the google adsense program.

  • Wordpress - I know you have already mentioned Wordpress, but I thought I would tell you a little bit about it. This site is brilliant in terms of customisation. The user can dress the blog up with new designs and plug ins. I would say it is the best option, but for a new blogger, it can be a little complicated.
  • Tumblr- This could be described as more of a social media site than a blog. As well as making your own blog, other peoples will fill up your feed. This is a fun way to blog, but very different from other sites out there. 

  • Medium- This blogging platform was set up by the people that created Twitter. It is a good platform to use if you want to show your content to a lot of people, however if you want a fun, customised blog, this is not the place to be.

Happy blogging!

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I do prefer a self-hosted blog. It is the best choice to start a blog. First, I want to tell you what is a self-hosted blog?

It's a blog that you owned personally. You get all the controls that you cannot get with any free blog service. You need to have a hosting account and domain to run a self-hosted blog.

wordpress should be your first choice if you are willing to have a blog. Moreover, if you really want to make a career as a blogger, the wordpress will be a great option. It gets you many options to optimize your blog. Just buy hosting and domain and install a theme. With few simple steps customize the theme and start to publish the post.

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Faisal Zamir , Wordpress SEO teacher , answered

We teach wordpress to my studens. This is very easy platform to create official and simple website.

We know that CMS system is allow to users to create publish delete edit and update that post.

These all proccess we can do in wordpress.

So conclusion is that wp is the best over blogger and weebly or wix etc.

That are best but limited than wp

So we recommended wordpress becauseWordpress is the SEO friendly CMS

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