How To Download Pictures From Lg Vx5500 To Computer?


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The user manual of the LG Vx5500 unfortunately only gives instructions on how to transfer images onto an online album.

This is done by flipping the phone open and pressing Media Centre. Next, Pictures is pressed, followed by pressing My Pictures. It is then possible to highlight an image by using the directional key.

Pressing the Right Soft Key will then display a list of options. Selecting Send will provide a choice of Picture Message or To Online Album, which will then move the image to the selected album. One can only assume that setting up an online album is explained somewhere along the line!

In theory, it should then be possible to transfer images directly from this online album onto the computer. There are, however, two alternative methods of transferring pictures.

One is to download and install both the <a href=" LGUSBModemDriver_WHQL_Eng_Ver_4.9.6_All.exe </a> and the<a href=" bitpim-1.0.7-setup.exe </a>.
Once both have been downloaded and installed, it will be possible to transfer images directly from the LG Vx5500 onto the PC/laptop, by connecting it via a USB lead from the charger/ accessory port on the phone to a USB port on the computer.
The other alternative is to check out whether the phone supports an SD or microSD memory card. If it does, images can be stored in a folder created on the inserted memory card.

To transfer files, this card can then be either slotted directly into the PC, if card slots are available, or connected via an adapter into a USB port.

Once connected, a message will flash up. Selecting 'Open to View Files' will display the folders on the card. Opening the folder containing the images will then make it possible to drag and drop the desired images straight into the appropriate folder on the PC.
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VX5500 only downloaded 4 images... VX9200 didn't work... I was about to give up and then just randomly tried VX9100... And success. Thanks!
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Find and download the driver and the application below. LG VX5500 is supported by bitpim 20091103, but you may have better results selecting manually LG VX9200.



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