How do I import a picture on Rage Builder on Memebase?


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When going into Memebase, a panel showing four blank squares will come up. Above this panel is a tool bar. On the left of this tool bar is a drop down template menu. To the right of this is the word tools, then a button to insert a text box, followed by the button to import images.

  • Import from URL
Clicking on the import button will bring up a dialog box asking for the URL of the picture to be entered. This means typing in the web address of the picture. In other words, the photo has to be on the Internet to start with.

  • Flickr
Many people use Flickr to upload their photos. How to do this is explained very well at Once they are there, it should then be possible to import them into the Rage Builder.

  • Uploading images into Memebase
It is also possible to upload pictures onto the Memebase site. Simply selecting Upload at the top of the page will open another page. Here, there are three choices. Users can either browse through their files and select the picture they wish to upload, or they can add a link to either an image or a video.

After that, the user adds his or her name, gives the image a title if so desired and provides a funny description. If there is a URL where the image may be found, this is added in the next field. The user's e-mail address is added into the final field, followed by clicking on the Submit button.

The submission will then be processed, followed by confirmation in shape of a thank you page. If not already a member, users submitting an image will be asked to create an account, which can be done for free.

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