How Do You Beat The Telescope Quest On Secret Builders?


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According to online forums and other such sources, there are a number of actions you must take in order to complete the telescope quest on the SecretBuilders.

  • Visit the underwater maze
In the underwater maze, you will need to do a comprehensive search for a rock which breaks when hit with the hammer from your inventory kit. Upon breaking the rock, you should receive a lens and some gold coins.

  • Find Alice
At this point of the game you should have encountered Alice already. Once you have found the lens in the underwater maze, you must take the lens and show it to Alice. She will tell you to take the lens to the "strange woman" in the tea shop, which is within the enchanted forest.

  • Go to the clothes shop and answer three questions
Once you have taken the lens to the woman at the tea shop (as outlined above), you must take the lens to the clothes, or gear, shop. A man named Galileo in the clothes shop will apparently ask you three questions, to which the answers are "hans", "greek", and "earth" - in that order. When you answer these three questions correctly, the man in the clothes shop will give you an "item".

  • Go back to the telescope
Once you have been to the clothes shop and answered the three questions, you must head back to the telescope. You should then have completed the quest.

  • What is SecretBuilders?
SecretBuilders is an online computer game aimed at children from the age of five years up to the age of 14. The game is based around the completion of quizzes, and each quiz must be completed in order to access the next quiz and complete the game. The game aims to provide a worth-while online gaming experience for children and parents alike, and to involve children in intellectually stimulating online activities.

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