How Do You Get Secret Key Without Using Wifi Or Having Special Events?


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You need to have a friend who has wifi to get it then use Receive from friend or Receive via wireless communications. You must already have the mystery gift feature enabled. Talk to the jubilife tv produce and answer everyone happy then wifi connection
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First go to Eterna city then talk to your underground tutor with Eterna (Eterna form),Dilagia ,Palika,rotom,Regigas and Mewtwo(Get in fire red or leaf green) in your party. He will tell you the loction of Dawns secret base. Get her the gems she needs( right size or higher) she thanks you with the secretg key. Then go into team galiticas Eterna city headquaters. Go into the north-west cornor and use the secret key. Go into the secret room and press a on a michien, from there it's easy. This is more unknowen than the cloning cheat!!!
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I got the pokemon but it didn't work and do you need to beat the pokemon league first to do this?

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