On oblivion the pc game how do you complete the last grey fox quest?


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A walk through for the complete Oblivion game is available at the uk.faqs.ign website. Assuming that the last gray fox quest is referring to the ultimate heist in the thieves guild, users should scroll down to the Thieves Guild section in the expanded table of contents, then click on Ultimate Heist, which will take them straight to the relevant section.

  • Bug warning
Apparently, there may be a bug in the game after the Arrow of Extrication has been used to activate the door. The game should therefore be saved at this point. If things do not work how they should after that, it will then be possible to reload the saved game and try again.

  • Keeping in the right order
Many players have found it impossible to finish the game after interacting with the gray fox too soon in previous quests. Great care should therefore be taken right from the beginning to not make contact with the gray fox until all required tasks or quests have been finished.

Some of the problems talking to the gray fox at the wrong time may cause can be found at neoseeker. Basically, if the fox says something like 'You have work to do', he has been contacted too soon.

  • Unable to finish
This may ultimately make it impossible to finish the thieves guild. In that case, it is a matter of either getting as far as one can get and seeing whether going on to the Dark Brotherhood is still possible; or going back and starting the thieves guild from scratch in order to get things in the right order this time round.

  • Hints and tips
The walk through should definitely make it easier to go through the right sequences. The site also contains a list of helpful hints, tips and tricks.

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