What Is The Serial Number For Metal Slug Complete Pc?


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There is no definite serial number for Metal Slug PC because the series is constantly evolving.

Metal Slug was introduced in 1996 and has remained popular ever since with constant updates taking in both improvements in gaming technology and the growing sophistication and demands of its growing army of users. It is available on multiple consoles such as play station, x-box and Nintendo.

Some of the main characters involved in the 'gun and run' series are Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto, Fiolina Germi, Trevor Spacey, Nadia Cassel and Allen O'Neil although this list is constantly expanding along with the storylines.

Metal Slug is a small silvery tank and the centre-piece of the game. The Metal Slug performs like any other tank and can take three hits before it is destroyed.

By constantly updating the game without losing track of the reasons for its popularity, the creators have established a legend that is enjoyed by young and old alike.

The original gamers in the arcades of the 90s can now enjoy incredible graphics and effects at home while a new, younger generation have grown attached to the game on its own merits. Each new series is always eagerly awaited with constant rumours emerging about the format.

Rossi and Roving have survived through from the very first series and provide the game with stability as newer characters and plots are introduced. Series 6 and Series 7 have seen the introduction of the Mars People and Morden's Army.

Each series presents new goals and risks with the software keeping you instantly updated with a massive online community sharing their knowledge, tips and experience to allow you to maximise your enjoyment of the game. And as you get the hang of it, understand it more- there will be a newer updated version just waiting round the corner.
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You could have a look at this page, which is offering free downloads of the serial numbers of all these series. I don;t know if it works, though, so do be careful. If this doesn't help you I would suggest going on to a forum where you can talk about Metal Slug etc - there are other people also looking for this serial number.

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