What's The Serial Number For Sims Castaway Stories?


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If you want to get a serial number for a Sims Castaway story, the only legal way to do it is to contact the manufacturer. There are lots of illegal options offered online, but none of them can be trusted and are basically there to assist people with counterfeit copies. The serial key is a security device aimed at reducing piracy with regular updates only available to authorized users.

  • Why so much security?

As soon as a new Sims game is developed, the hackers and pirates get involved copying the games and trying to replicate them as close as possible. By issuing codes to legal users it allows the manufacturers to stay a step or two ahead of the pirates.

Internet forums and other online facilities allows for a rapid exchange of information with people willing to pay money to keep up to date with the newest codes. It is a constant game of cat and mouse, issuing codes knowing that they can very quickly be widely known by the pirates.

By registering on the Sims site you will be kept up to date with the latest codes and keys, keeping this information confidential is in your best interests.

  • The Castaway series

This series is along traditional lines and involves building shelter and surviving on a deserted island. There are different challenges throughout to test your survival techniques. To progress in the game, you will need your keys for assistance which is why they are so important and much requested online.

  • Communication

All legal players are able to use Instant Messaging to contact friends, share games and help out with tips and advice. These features assist greatly with the overall enjoyment of the game and help towards forming a Sims online community.

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