Can You Give Me A Serial Number For Sims 3?


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If you have purchased a licensed copy of Sims 3, it is possible to contact EA (Electronic Arts) directly. They will check to ensure you have a valid copy, and issue you with a replacement key.

Don't Be Tempted to Use Illegal Product Keys
To install Sims 3 it is necessary to have a product key, which is displayed on the inside of the CD case of an authentic copy. The product key is a security measure put in place by EA, (Electronic Arts), to prevent illegal installation of the game.

is illegal to distribute the serial numbers or product keys for any
premium computer game, for which a licence fee is payable. Sims 3 is the property of Maxis and Electronic Arts, and playing the game without having paid for it is illegal.
What is Sims 3?
Sims 3
is life simulation computer game. In all versions of the game, the player controls the lives of virtual people called Sims. The Sims live in cities, which the player can help build, if they've installed certain expansion packs or editions.

Released in 2009, it was developed by the Sims Studios and published by Electronic Arts, it is one of the most successful video game franchises in the world.
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The serial number you want to use for the game is on the back of the instruction manual. You will see it in a rectangular box and it says 'serial number'.

The serial number is valid for one user only, and you can not use other people's serial number.
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The serial number for the Sims 3 is located on the back of the manual, which is located inside the Sims 3 box.
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When you buy software, it normally comes with a product or serial number, sometimes called  a Product Key. This is a long number that you will need to enter before or after you install the software. This number can be found on the outside of the disc case, or inside it.
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It's that thing either on the back of the manual or the back of the box.

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