What is a serial code for the Sims 3 Island Paradise game?


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The one I have used is


Try it out for yourself

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There are a couple of things you can do to get hold of a Sims 3 Island Paradise serial code.

The most obvious would be to check out the manual that came with the game you purchased.

If you've installed the game to a PC and are looking to retrieve the code, you can probably find it in a directory by following instructions here.

If that's somehow missing, then the most logical thing would be to contact the game's maker, EA (Electronic Arts) and ask for advice.

You could try their social media accounts, or perhaps contacting them through their online help center.

A further option would be to ask a fellow Sims player for assistance. If you don't personally know anyone that plays Sims games, then connecting with likeminded people on the Sims Community Website might be a good idea.

Just remember, if you're looking for that 20 letters/numbers combination that is also known as a license code or product key, you must own a copy of the game for it to be valid.

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