What Is The Action Replay Code To Get Max Happiness?


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The Pokemon platinum max happiness action replay code, the Pokemon heart gold max happiness action replay code and the Pokemon soul silver max happiness action replay code can be found at the following websites:

Potential users of these codes should, however, be aware that although they seem to work for some, others have reported serious problems, such as games freezing, battles freezing and other aims being unachievable.

Some more natural ways, so to speak, of making a Pokemon happy include keeping them in one's party and giving them lots of Stat Upgrades, HP Ups, Irons or Carbos, or whatever a user may use to call them.

Getting a soothe bell from the lady located on the left in the room in the middle of the Mansion below Hearthome City and giving it to a Pokemon will also make him happy.

Letting them win battles, spraying them with special potions when at full HP and doing the calcium, protein and other necessary glitches will also increase their happiness.

Considering the apparent ease of making a Pokemon happier, taking the risk involved in using a cheat just does not seem worth it. After all, what is the use of an extremely happy Pokemon if the whole game freezes up every time a battle comes up.

Maybe it is this very risk that tempts so many players to use cheats rather than playing the game.
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Max Happiness
920748F0 0000E119
120748F2 00009800
120748F4 00008880
1207491A 00006972
0207491C 400B1C23
02074920 21004002
02074924 40592000
12074928 00004050
94000130 FFF30000
120748F2 0000480B
120748F4 00004700
1207491A 00004A02
1207491C 00004710
02074920 02000101
02074924 02000129
12074928 0000BC10
D2000000 00000000
62000100 402E1C26
E2000100 00000010
732820FF 88809800
47284D00 020748F7
E2000128 0000001C
6972B410 400B1C23
21004002 40592000
4C014050 46C04720
02074929 00000000
D2000000 00000000

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