Where Can You Download A Sims 3 Mermaid Tail?


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Apparently it is possible to download a Sims 3 mermaid tail from zshare, but it is necessary to become a member first. It does, however, look like it is free to be a member, although we can neither guarantee this nor that a Sims 3 mermaid tail will actually be available once signed on.

Other websites where it may be possible to find and download Sims 3 mermaid tails, although these also require membership, are:

It should be said that simscave looks the most promising option, apart from zshare, which does get mentioned by most resources as a source for the Sims 3 mermaid download.

Although we do understand that it obviously is not easy to create a mermaid's tail, it does seem a real pity that it is so very difficult to get hold of one, especially for Sims 3. The only other suggestion we can possibly make is to take a look at some of the tutorials for creating objects, etc, and trying to create one's own.

There is no doubt that this is possible, people are obviously out there doing it. It may take a while to learn it, but judging by some of the effects that have been achieved, it seems worth the effort of having a go.

Who knows, once this obviously very secret art has been mastered, the know-how may be passed on to others. Creating something that can be so beautiful when seen in its context must make the creator very proud, so why not share it?

So, if none of the above links provide what is desired, the best bet is to have a go. The worst that could possibly happen is that the first few attempts look more like a fish cake than a mermaid's tail.
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The Sims Resource. Or Mod The Sims
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You can get a tail from The Sims Resource.

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