How To Download Sims 3 Full Build 2.package?


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This can only be done illegally, as Sims is commonly purchased on a CD from a games store or online shop. When it comes to Sims, you are going to need to purchase the CD and obtain the serial number that comes with the CD. The serial number is provided precisely because people ask questions like this on the Internet and attempt to download Sims for free.

People download the Sims 3 Full Build 2 package over the Internet through services like Utorrent or BitTorrent, which use the Pirate Bay and more to download torrents. Torrents themselves are not illegal. They were first created in an effort to help with the sharing of personal and work documents. Documents and files would be uploaded to a service like the Pirate Bay, and the files could be downloaded by colleagues or friends at the other end of the world through a Torrent client like Utorrent.

These days, torrents are used for something completely different. Whilst there are still people out there that use the services to share files with friends, many people use the service to distribute and download content that is protected by copyright. This kind of material includes music tracks, albums, and DVDs that are meant to be on sale in shops and online stores. By sharing this kind of content, and well as games that must be purchased; you can be hit with heavy fines and legal cases. More broadband providers than ever are cracking down on this kind of illegal activity and are providing people with warnings if they are caught performing this kind of illegal activity. Get caught more than once and your broadband may even be taken away from you forever.

So be careful, and buy things properly. You don’t want to get hit with huge fines.
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You can't even if your disc has been corrupted

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