Do You Have Any Woozworld Codes Or Cheats?


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Dixie Stinson answered
I am sarah907 but now I am christine418 on woozworld.... I did know a cheat but woozworld fixed it.. Sometimes it works but other times it doesn't

first you need to get with someone you trust and go to one of your shop's and lock it when no people are there or in a small area with just you two..
Then you make something free and you count.. One.. Two...three..!! When you say three the person buys it and you remove it.. You both will have it.. It is called the copy cheat.. Just text me if you want to copy cause you can trust me.. Just ask my bff's !! =)
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I don't see whats the point in paying real usa dollars just for this game and just to look good on a online. I love this game a lot. I think there should be codes, just so everyone still can work hard to be who they are on the game.Please, its just a game, who pays real money for a online game.If you do your really dumb. Just make codes and you don't have to pay real us dollars... KiddFresh23
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Hi my name in woozworld is reyla123 I have this code well it is not money code but it is a spell code that you can't buy in woozworld world and it is really rare spell

1. Press these buttons on your key board up up down down left right left right b a (on up up down down thing don't type the words press the arrows on b a press the letters bothe letters are small not big)

ok this is my code I hope this help =)
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Hey on woozworld my name is crystallol9 (add me) when you trade ask for some wooz and some times I might do free but for codes you can do /moonwalk and start clicking around and you move backwards and do up up down down left right left right (with arrows on keyboard) and type but don't send the letters. Hehe add me if you see me.
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Yes ok so search for this guy on wooz world named neon scott just type in his name in your friend searcher click on his profile and go to his girlfriends room vote for it twice and it gives you tons of wooz I know I have tried
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Really? Dude?
Peace Ng
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I hate neon scott you were my dad and then you asked me to be your girlfriend!its me hmhannahmontana
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Yeah Right Peace Ng Liar! first u see everyone then u have a dad and the ur dad wants to be ur boyfriend lol liar!
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Hi this is kind of a cheat on woozworld see before you buy something change the color and sell it you get wooz or beex or wooz and beexs. Also, how to change the color you press the color it shows you it is and then there is a whole bunch of colors to pick from! Last thing is if you want to be my friend I have four accounts and there names are  hi1hi, black1is1awsome, 1puppylover1 and lovey1me1
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If you want a cheat go to my unit (flatsnow08 is who this is) and go to the one that say s free cheat at whatever votes and vote if I online I will go there and give you to cheats!
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Hey the only one that works for me is the plant a flower and get one o o wooz and I haven't done the go to the mall get two shoes but I think that the rest of them are totally jake
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Well I have a cheat its kind of off but it will help you a lot so if you want to win a dress there are like free dresses in stores!!!!!! Just press your mouse back forth so fast then get in and get the dress
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Kaycie Davies answered
Hey I am JBLuva4Ever on woozworld and I have a really cool code that shoots fire balls at people!! You see the arrows on your keyboard? Well, when your in Woozworld type up up down down left right left right a b
Message me, become my friend, or follow my buzz if it worked! Remember I am JBLuva4Ever!
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I have one plz use I have quit wooz world now.. My name is 3lain3sh3art here it is: 12ki6r2d8lmm2 and I used this other one on my other account ohhyitzmeh123 which was 1ri78dgf32ild I don't know if it still works but you can try it
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I don't think that there are any woozworld cheats its just a kids website to chat and hang out I guess......and yes it is a kids website and when I say kids I meen ages 8-10
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Kyla Lake
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No way its 8-20 well anyone can play only from 8 i dont see no 10 year olds there only 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19.20
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Until now, this online virtual games for kids are very popular specially in France more known as jeux de woozworld
As a gamer I hope woozworld will be more popular like moshi monsters and binweevils games.
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morgan looney answered
Hey I'm gymnastbaby5 on woozworld. I know a cheat to get you lots of wooz just message me your username and password and I can get you 1000 wooz. Also in my wooz shop my big shop podz has a cheat on it. Just buy one thing from it and it will open and a card will show up. The card will say 5 just click it and you get 5000 wooz. I know it works I have tried it with my friends accout and it worked. Soo try it and message me! And add mee I'm always on
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Zoey Rose answered
I have a awesome cheat!
It is a download!
They deleted it off woozworld though!
But I got it on the first day....
I am z0eych1ck on woozworld!
And the girl that said she is popular she does not know what popular is!
My other account is more popular than ever! Message me your user and pass word and in message tell me that you saw my comment!
Hope it helped!

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