Are there any cheats for wooz or beex for or any non used new codes?


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Yes I have two.
1. Type /moonwalk in the speech bar and you can walk backwards
2. Type up up down down left right left right on the arrow keys and the ba and press enter it sets everyone on fire but only you can see it...

Ps... If anyone ever tries to ask for your pasword to get you rich say no they can take all of your money!!! Also the activation things don't work ppl have already used them.

Hope I helped add me I'm avipergirl23
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Yes I can...*rebel*times*zones*..
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Yeah there is there is fire cheat and copy cheat trust me I've been on woozworld since it was made
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Well There wouldn't be cheats since it is operated by a live station. As soon as I find any un-used codes I will send it to you since I don't play it anymore. =)

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