How Do You Give People Wooz On Woozworld?


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Easy you vote them ten times really fast don't you see how it says 1 in gold
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I think now that if you vote for them/their room then they get gold, if they're a VIP. Sucks, right? ;D
Anyway, you COULD sell something for Wooz, go on another account and buy it, but then you have to have Wooz on that account. O.e Or if someone really wants to help you. Sorry though, that won't be me, since I have no Wooz. XD

Kcya `round, Blackkitty10. C;
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What you do is you click thumbs up for that person when you click on it then you get money for being nice and rating that avatar and you would do the same thing for a house or something like that
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All you do is buy a shoppodz from a shop like the woozworld mall and then you sell some thing for wooz but it has to be a good price lower then you bought it I do the same and I am so so so rich so try it and if it does not work read again because you did not understand what I said
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Can somebody give me money in plz my pinkeygirl122
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Hi! I am pinkeygirl122 in woozworld send friend request in and go in my mall to buy cool stuff and dresses

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