How can we get a FREE absoluteley free VIP membership on woozworld without paying?


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This type of VIP membership is an upgrade on regular free services, so it's not available without paying for the feature. Virtual worlds, such as Woozworld (which caters to teens, tweens, and young adults) rely on premium membership fees to pay for the cost of hosting servers, web design, maintenance, and marketing. It costs a lot to run a big website like Woozworld, so they need to make some money (and hopefully a profit) by charging people for cool VIP memberships that help members get even more fun and games out of the Woozworld platform.

  • It's not expensive

Signing up for Woozworld's VIP membership is not going to break the bank - however, Woozworld administrators may require credit card authentication and registration, so you may need to get a parent or guardian involved in the signup process. Before you commit to paying for a VIP membership, weigh the pros and cons carefully - you should be someone who spends plenty of time exploring Woozworld almost every day, or else you might not get your money's worth out of upgrading.

  • It's fun

This world is designed purely for fun, and it's easier to have more fun when you're a VIP. The cute social interfaces found on the website will be more fun to navigate when you can enjoy "red carpet" service that gives you access to anything and everything. For a few bucks, you can become an exclusive member of Woozworld's VIP club, and enjoy socializing in a safe, unique virtual atmosphere.

Before joining, talk to other people who've gone VIP and see how they feel about the whole VIP Woozworld experience; if they love the services they've gained access to, you probably will, too! To find these people, chat in Woozworld, on Facebook, or at online forums devoted to Woozworld topics and tips.

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