How Do U Get FREE Whooz On Woozworld? Is There A Cheat?


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Well this is a secret on woozworld it's how to get free wooz :

1: Sell a thing for 12 wooz and over 2000 beex
2: Find someone who have enough money to buy your thing a but this person have to be intrested to buy your thing.
3:then you will get maybe over 100 wooz or only 100 wooz  ( I think it will work cause it worked with me )

have fun with your wooz on

and my name on woozworld is lolpoki and I will be happy if you could go to my profile and see my rooms or shops !

Enjoy!  ( ^_^ ) !!!
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It worked a little but can you pl z buy in my shop i need money i will give you votes everyday just plz buy it i will set it like you said and let me introduce my self im lovergirlonrun in woozworld plz add me !!!!and plz buy the sofa plz

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