Are there any websites like facebook or myspace for kids?


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Yes there are quite a few websites similar to Facebook and MySpace that are aimed at a younger audience. A selection of these websites can be viewed below.

  • Bebo is probably the closest match to what MySpace and Facebook offer, however it is also a little more grown up than the other options featured below. Bebo is a social networking website and the idea is that you set up your own profile page, listing your interests and maybe posting some photos and info about yourself. You can then add friends and write on their profiles.

Bebo's popularity with it's older audience is dropping due to many preferring to use Facebook, however Bebo is still adored by many pre-teens as they prefer the more colorful and fun layouts and tools you can use with Bebo.

  • Habo is another website you may wish to consider if you are after the social aspect of Facebook and MySpace but you wish to interact with a younger age group and have a few more games to play. You can create a free account at Habbo and this enables you to play a lot of fun games, while also being able to chat to other members.

  • Club Penguin has a similar set-up to Habo, as you can play games as well as chat to other members. It is created by Disney and so you are sure it is a reliable and safe website to visit.

  • Stay safe
When visiting any chatroom or social network website it is important to never give out any personal information. This would include where you live, your phone number or email address and certainly do not give out any bank details.
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Try pinterest, twitter, google plus

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They certainly seem to be the social networks seeing the biggest growth at the moment! Why do you think that is? Do you use any of them yourself? Which is your favorite?

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