How Do You Put The Buddy Poke App On The Myspace Profile?


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It is fairly straightforward to put the BuddyPoke app on your MySpace profile. First head to and you should see an ‘Install this Application’ link in the top right. Click on the link to install the application. Once you click it, the screen will go grey and you should see a box.

Make sure ‘Profile’ and ‘Home’ options are checked (If not, your friends will not be able to see your Buddy, and you will not be able to access BuddyPoke from your MySpace homepage). The ‘Email’ and ‘Friend Updates’ choices are optional. BuddyPoke will never sell your email address and will not spam your email account or your friends' email accounts. Friend Updates will show up only on your friends' MySpace homepages notifying them that you added the application, changed your mood and so on.

Once you have added the application, the ‘Install this Application’ link becomes a ‘Remove this App’ link. You can remove BuddyPoke later by clicking this link.

If you are still having issues with successfully installing the BuddyPoke app there could be a variety of factors why. Firstly the problem could be that the BuddyPoke app has been added, but you unchecked some of the options (as mentioned in the installation instructions above).

Another reason your BuddyPoke may not be working is that something went wrong during the installation such as your computer losing internet connection. Click ‘Install this Application’ again. If you see a ‘Remove this App’ link instead, try removing BuddyPoke. Then close your internet browser, re-open it, return to the application page, and try adding it again. Perhaps close some programs or windows you don't need in order to help your computer run more smoothly and reduce errors.

Please note BuddyPoke will only store a limited of pokes.  When there are too many pokes, the oldest ones are deleted first.  Sometimes, your pokes and preferences may be gone due to server errors.  This is often caused by errors on MySpace, and your pokes may reappear in time.
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Some one that you now that has one  they have to give you there css and copy it and then there you go

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