How Do You Put Downloaded Red Alert  Maps On To The Game Itself?


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How you install your downloaded maps on the game depends on what format the file you is saved as.

In most cases, you'll simply have to copy and paste the file into the game directory. Here's how you do it:

How to install a new map in a game The way you install new maps is usually the same regardless of which game you're talking about.

If the map file ends in .exe, it means the file is already programmed to extract the map information in the right place- you simply need to click on it.

But in most cases, a map download will be in a format that can only be opened by the game itself.

In this case, you'll need to open up the game file and find the correct map directory. You'll know you've got the correct folder because it'll be full of other map files in the same format.

Installing new maps for Red Alert

In the case of Red Alert, you'll need to find out where you originally saved the game folder.
If you've got a PC running Windows, the chances are the files is in your C drive under 'program files'.

You'll then need to find the Red Alert folder, and then the correct directory which all the game loads maps from.

For more detailed instructions, I'd recommend visiting the following forum:
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Asad Ali answered
If the map you have downloaded is an exe file then just double click on it to install it.

But if it is zip file then un zip it and place it in the Westwood/RA2 directory of where you have installed Red Alert 2.

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