How Many Users Does The Website Bebo Have?


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Louise Gorman answered
The social networking website Bebo has arounf 31 million users, and has been ranked the 99th most popular English language website.

It is quite similar to MySpace and was founded in Januray 2005. Like with MySpace, users can create a profile, post comments on their friends' profiles and have their friends displayed on their profile page.

The is a whiteboard on every profile which users can draw on and users can place quizzes, polls, blogs and much more on their profile page.

The site has a section known as 'Bebo Bands' which, like MySpace, allows bands to create their own profile and pace their music on there, and there is also a wide range of established music artists on there.

There is also a section known as 'Bebo Authors' which allows authors to display their written work.

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