How Do I Add Myself To A Network On Facebook?


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Log into your Facebook account. Go to your profile page and under Your Picture, click Edit Settings. Then click on the Networks tab, which is in-between the Settings and Notifications tabs

Once you've clicked on Networks, there are several options you can choose from. You can click on Join a network, which will take you to the network section - where you can join a school network or a workplace network.

Or alternatively, you can opt for Browse All Networks, which allows you to look through all the networks available on the site.

Joining a network allows you to become visible in that network, so that people from the same school or area can contact you if they spot you on there.

You can also view events in that network and there is also a discussion board where you can start or participate in discussions. You can also leave comments for each every network that you join and interact with other people who have joined that network.

Once you have found a network you wish to join, just click on Join Group and you will be added to that network. You can choose to leave the network any time you wish.
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Go to your profile page and under your picture, click edit settings and then click on the networks tab - which is in between the settings and notifications tabs.

Hope this helps - it took me forever to find it!

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