How do I add music to a Vine video?


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The simplest answer seems to be that if you want to add music to the background of your Vine videos, you need to use an app!

You can add music to Vine and Instagram videos using an app called Background Music For Video by Sepia Software.

It is available from the app store for free!

The steps to using this app are pretty straightforward:

  • Chose your video from your device’s photo album.
  • Chose a track from your iTunes.
  • Pick a start time for the music.
  • Merge the video and music together.

Then all that's left is to share on the social network you prefer: Instagram or Vine!

The other work around for adding music to your Vines is to record and edit clips beforehand, and then re-upload them to Vine.

This has better effects, but is a little trickier, so rather than explain it I'll just share a useful how to video:

Once you've edited and uploaded your Vines, you will probably want to know how to become "Vine Famous".

Luckily, there is a how to video for that too...

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Hello. Good answer. I also can add that there are special online tools to make different operations with videos. For example I often need to cut or crop short videos and possibility to do this via browser is really comfortable!

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Hey. Can you recommend some simple tool for editing videos? The average length of my videos is usually about one minute. Usually I need to crop something or to cut some part. I want to try these operations on laptop, I think this will be more faster and comfortable. So what apps do you use?

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Good day, Sophie. Do you want to find some application on your laptop and install it? I can recommend to try online video editing services, usually they are free and you can make all necessary operations via your browser. It is very comfortable! Like example try this online video editing tool from I often use it in my work. Interface is quite simple, I'm sure you won't have some problems.

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