I Want To Make An ID On Facebook. How Do I Create An ID On Facebook?


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A Facebook ID is more commonly known as a profile badge. To create a profile badge scroll down to the bottom of your profile and click on the 'Add a badge to your site' link. This will take you to a new page where it will give a code for you to copy and paste on your website. You can also make other badges for your website. You can make like, photo and page badges and by clicking on these tabs to the left of your screen, you will be given another code which you copy and paste on website.

By going on to Facebook's developer's page,, you can add other useful plugins which will get your website noticed. You can add the following:

The Like Button: This plugin lets viewers of your website shares the content with their friends. When a viewer clicks the like button on your web page, the article from your site will be posted into their friend's news feed.

The Activity Feed: This shows the recent activities of your site. It will show which article has been liked and shared the most by Facebook users.

Recommendations: This will show similar articles to the users based on what they have shown an interest in.

The Like Box: This allows the website host to see how many people and friends have liked their page.

The Login Button: Lets users login and have their profile picture displayed on the website.

Registration: This allows a viewer to sign up to your website with their Facebook account.

Comments: This allows viewers to comment on your website.

Live Stream: This allows viewers to share activity and comments of your website in real time.

These will plugins will only work with views who have already signed up with facebook.
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If you go to, you will find you can sign up for a new account directly from this page.  You will need to give: Your name, email address, a password (choose this carefully and try to include numbers and symbols), your gender, and your birthday.  Choose 'sign-up' and you will have your own facebook account.  The first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with how facebook works (if you don't already know) and then set your privacy settings based on how much (photos, your birthdate, city of residence etc) you with to share with people and whether you want to share this information with just your friends or with anyone who searches for and finds you on facebook or the web.
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It is very easy go to Facebook and fill the signup page. After few mint. Your facbook account is create.
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Go to facebook and click sign up or create account,pick an identity or aka screen name,fill in your email address and make a password then type in the anti spam verification code,when done hit create and you've got your new I D
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Friend, first of all you will have to create an email id on Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail.
After that visit And set your arrow on Sign up.
And fill procedure now you are ready for your Facebook id.
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Just go to and sign up.
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Go to and there should be a "sign up" button you can click on
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First go to and once you're there, in the portion where it says to create an account, fill in the following information you need. Agree to all the required steps and there you have it, a facebook!
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I will like to be one of those in facebook so to make new friends and contacts.please give me the form to fill inorder for me to be a member.I have read the questions and have accepted all the options
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Go on google and search for facebook and when the welcome page turns up there is a box in the far right corner just press on sign up and type in your personal details after that.
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 Just follow your friend's  advice and try to make a new Id on facebook. 

Hope you'll be successfull..

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