How Do You Register A New Account On Facebook?


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Registering a new account on Facebook is fast and easy, and almost anyone can do it in just a few minutes of time. First, navigate to the home page at You'll see a place where you are prompted to sign up and you'll need an email account to verify your account and open a Facebook account.

Simply fill in your first and last name as you would like it to appear on your Facebook page and then fill in the email address you are going to use to verify your account. Enter a password that cannot be easily hacked, select your sex from the pull-down menu and enter your birthday and then press the button that says Sign Up. 

After you hit this button a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you listed and you will need to sign in to your email to confirm your account. You'll receive an email that has a link that you will either need to click on or copy and paste into your browser's address line and you account will be verified.

Once your account is verified, you can log in to your account using the email address you listed as a user name, and the password you specified. Now you are free to find friends and like the things that are special to you and your family. Facebook is the most popular social network on the internet with well over 600 million users and more sign up on a daily basis. You'll find friends you have not seen since your high school and college days and be able to message and chat with them in real time. You can also play any number of games that are hosted by Facebook such as NFL football and Cafe World, but try not to get hooked.
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I want to make my account in face book
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I want to make new account
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Follow these simple steps for making a new account in facebook:
1- Open internet folder.
2-Write in adrress bar WWW.GOOGLE.COM 3-Write in google search bar "MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT IN FACEBOOK" then press the ENTER key.
4-You see different website adresses on the screen, choose one of them which you feel simple.
5-When open it, give it demanding data and then submit it.
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Click on register, and sign up. Its not very hard, just go to and find the Register button.
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I would like to put my mother on face book but it wont let me add a new account from my computer.  What am I doing wrong?
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Friend, first of all you will have to create an email id on Yahoo/Hot-mail/
After that visit Facebook and click on Sign up button.
Then fill up the forum details now you are ready for your Facebook id.
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Simply go to the facebook website there you will find sign uo button press the button and follow the uo coming steps in this way you can get your facebook account.'
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You can creat an acount facebook by searching in google face boog is very nice you can saty onlinee at anytime you must have your own one remember not to share your password on face book be carefull

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