How To Detect Hotmail Invisble Users?


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There is no way to detect Hotmail invisible users, since they have chosen to appear "offline". While several software application companies on the World Wide Web claim to have figured out the secret of detecting Hotmail invisible users, it is wise to be skeptical about their product's capabilities before wasting your hard-earned money. If you're curious about who's online, but appearing as offline, or invisible, you can attempt to ping the person and see if they respond to your request - however, since they have chosen to appear offline, you may not have much success in communicating with them.

Why Are People Invisible On Hotmail?

• People have a variety of reasons for wanting to appear invisible on Hotmail or other email/chat services. Firstly, they may be simply be busy, and unable to spend time chatting with friends or online acquaintances.
• Privacy is an issue for some computer users, who prefer to keep a low profile if possible. Since appearing "invisible" is the highest level of privacy, many people may appear online only at very rare intervals.
• Sometimes, a person may want to avoid an unwanted chat or interaction with someone else, so they will prefer to appear invisible. Often, a person may want to avoid feeling rude, or hurting someone's feeling by telling them they really don't want to chat. Therefore, to avoid any awkwardness or unpleasantness, they will simply remain invisible to that person at all times. There are block lists and ways to appear invisible on many different social networking platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. These block lists area way to limit interaction with unwanted persons; however, they may not be foolproof, as a person is always free to make another account under a different name.

Basically, you cannot tell who is invisible on Hotmail, and other people can't tell if you are there when you opt for an invisible setting.

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