What Is Bebo?


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Bebo is a community based website which is more popular in the UK than MySpace - even though it has been banned from some school and university servers because of its popularity. It is just as addictive as MySpace and doesn't hang as much during the busy periods.

You can join bebo for free an create your own profile. You can choose for your profile to be public (can be viewed by everyone) or private (viewed only by your friends). There are a number of text fields to tell a little about yourself, areas to upload your photos, a blog space, a drawing board, a poll section, a video and music upload area and a message board among other additional features.

You can search for and connect with your friends. You can leave them public or private messages and there is an internal bebo mail to keep in touch. You can also join up to your school, colloege or uni bebo group and become a groupie of a band, movie or author.
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Bebo is a fun site for everyone and it is for 13+ but ppl that r younger have one anyway
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Bebo is like facebook
bebo is like myspace
bebo is even like flix ter

shear imgaeas and chat

loads more

sign up


you will love it


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