How Can I Promote My Myspace Profile?


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There is an option for this on the actual website. If you log in to your profile, you will see the message 'Tell People About Your Myspace' just above your Myspace URL. You can choose your own Myspace URL when you first join (you must pick a URL that you are happy with because you can't change it!).

You can spread the word about you profile by obtaining the code for your signature. To get the code, just click on the question mark next to the 'Tell People About Your Myspace' message. A pop-up window will appear, informing you of all the ways in which you can promote your profile. Simply follow the instructions in the pop-up window and copy and paste the code as your signature in emails and forums.

Alternatively, you could place your Myspace URL on your website (if you have one) to attract lots of people to your profile page.
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Participate in social networking sites
such as FB and twitter. I
supposed they have many members which you can invite to view your
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I got over 30,000 people on my friends list by joining a free site called

Even though they may not be personal friends, it does get people checking out my links etc. That I have on my profile page.

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