How Do I Delete My MySpace Account?


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Log into your MySpace account. Click on 'Account Settings'. Next, click on 'Cancel my account'. You should be sent some instructions to the email address that you used to set up your MySpace account. You will need to follow those instructions in order for your account to be deleted (this usually involves clicking the link provided in the email).

Cancelling your account, as it warns on the site, will permanently remove all your myspace friends, myspace emails, myspace bulletins and anything else in your profile. You are able to use the same email address should you wish to create an account again, but you will have to build up your friends again and anything that you placed on your profile, such as any glitter effects, icons, comment boxes etc will have to be obtained again.

Also, don't worry if you account isn't deleted straight away as it takes around 48 hours for it to be removed.
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Go to account settings and then scroll down to the bottom and it should say Cancel click on that and it should send a confirmation email to your email address and you do something after that blah blah blah...just click on the cancel account button and it should give you instructions

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