How can I use social media to promote my book?


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John MN , Social Promote, answered
Well! I think the first thing you should learn that is "how to use social media to do online marketing" ..when you clear about that you may know how to promote you book.

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Stuart Dell answered

Well you first need to build your social profiles. Try the most popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest then manage them all using a social tool like Hootsuite, Postific, Buffer and a lot more. Then you can start following readers and authors and use hashtags (for example #titleofyourbook or something like that) to gather more views.

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Yo Kass answered

This is one of the topics we discussed in our Blurtit Hangout Authors of the Digital Age.

Norwich-based author, marketing expert, and social media trainer Sara Greenfield pointed out that LinkedIn and Twitter were particularly effective for driving sales and communicating directly with your audience.

Her and independent author Miranda Innaimo also discussed the tools available to authors that want to leverage the power of social media.

You can catch that conversation here:

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Johnny James answered

These are 4 ideas I try to implement when writing a book:

  1. Here arBe consistent
  2. Break your content up into "small bursts"
  3. Promote you book, NOT yourself!
  4. Unless this is a vanity project or a personal mission, your objective should be to make a return on the investment of time and money that you'll make. Keep your business head on at all times.

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Bill King , Social Media Analyst, answered

Promoting things on social media is quite simple, and all you have to do for it is to just stay updated about the latest trends on various social media platforms. I will personally prefer Instagram, for promotions, because I feel that they provide us with ample of opportunities to promote with ease. I have promoted a journal which was written by me, on my Insta account, and also had put it as story and later on I highlighted it on my profile as well. So this has given meautomatic instagram likes, and hence more people viewed my posts, and more people became aware of it as well. I am happy, because I got quick and positive responses for my journal, from here.

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